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CSM student’s protest to go viral at Somerset House

Alexander’s illustration is part of the project that will be exhibited at Somerset House

This summer Somerset House will exhibit an installation based on a CMS student’s outrage at rising youth unemployment.

Alexander Augustus’ A Dangerous Figure is an installation, graphic novel and Facebook App developed to, literally, put a face on the young adults without jobs in Britain.

Fed up with the figures, the MA Narrative Environments student launched the project that takes shape in a sculptural figure of the young jobseeker. The sculpture represents their “hopes, fears, frustrations and latent potential”.

Alexander describes the figure as an ambassador for the cause – the face of youth unemployment.

He says: “The people who contribute to a Dangerous Figure can expect to feel part of a powerful, inclusive group, who have anger but who also hold the potential for positive action in their hands.”

Rather than meeting rejection and silence from employers, Alexander believes the figure could provide young adults with a sense of power and influence.

Three weeks into the project his Facebook app had already received thousands of contributions.

After Alexander’s graduation in July, the installation will go on tour across the UK, starting in London’s Somerset House.

Every visitor will receive a free graphic novel to illustrate the issues associated with unemployment and to catch up on the facts and figures.

It is estimated that about one million British 16 – 24 year-olds are unemployed and according to the Work Foundation, the UK has had the fastest rise of any country in the G8.

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