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Published on April 30th, 2013 | by Janette Loughlin


UAL talent: Janette Loughlin

Everyday Arts London News aims to showcase a talent from within University of the Arts. If you are interested in being featured, get in touch.

Today journalist and writer Janette Loughlin takes centre stage.

Janette is the MA journalist student who left Northern Ireland for London as she embarked on the journey to become a professional writer. Always with a joke up her sleeve, she writes stories on the small, big things of everyday life.

For ALN, she branches out to multimedia with the production ‘Tunnel Vision’ with accompanying text.

London Underground tunnel

Descending the escalators, wind rushes up from the depths of the tunnels, greeting commuters on their eight AM dash. Keeping to the left, they file neatly through snaking corridors and onto platforms as heaving, metal carriages grind to a halt. Minding the gap, passengers squeeze onto the narrow tube – and so begins their journey through London’s underground network.


Keep Calm and Carry On Board

Commuter Ben Finch, 27, identifies the claustrophobia as one of the main reasons the underground is so frightening: “Once you’re in, it’s hard to escape. All these small tunnels, the sound of a train rushing past every two minutes, almost everybody moving as fast as they possibly can – it’s almost as if it’s a natural setting for a thriller.”

We follow his journey on the London Underground to see what really happens in the depths of the tunnels…


The London Underground is an iconic, historical part of the city. It pulls places and people together in an intricate underground network that London wouldn’t be the same without. But mind the gap now, and don’t miss the last tube home… night buses are a bitch.






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