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Film Review: Honour

‘Honour’ – a term often used to justify killing a loved one to protect the family’s reputation, is a pertinent topic to the British Asian community especially with the generation gap and culture divide.

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Picking on the topic, writer Shan Khan in his directorial debut unravels the issues surrounding the bigoted practice through the journey of British Pakistani Mona (Aiysha Hart).

Living with her conservative mother (Harvey Virdi), headstrong older brother Kasim (Faraz Ayub) and the gullible younger brother Adel (Shubham Saraf), Mona’s journey  encapsulates love, honour, betrayal, revenge and family.

When she falls in love with Tanvir (Nikesh Patel) and decides to run away her family plot to kill her for bringing dishonor to the family by hiring a bounty hunter (Paddy Considine).

With Mona on the run and her family behind her the film is full of thrilling twists, which is showcased brilliantly through its riveting screenplay and cinematography.

However, a prolonged gun sequence towards the end jars the screenplay and seems forced into the narration. Taking away from the realistic portrayal, it could have been cut or shortened.

Another thing that broke the flow was the crossover from honour killing which was the real issue to racism, as it seemed like a mash up of a whole lot of issues surrounding the British Asian community.

When it comes to the performances newcomer Aiysha Hart does full justice to her role with a gritty performance.

Harvey Virdi and Faraz Ayub add to the eeriness surrounding their characters and fit into the role.

Paddy Considine fit perfectly into the role of a mysterious bounty hunter. Though small parts, Shubham Saraf and Nikesh Patel managed standing out.

With a great background score and camera work, Honour is good for a one time watch.

Honour will be released on June 28 2013.

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