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Police at LCC warn against smartphone snatchers

POLICE officers are warning LCC students to watch out for smartphone thieves in the area.

police officers at LCC

Police are at LCC today advising students on keeping their smartphones safe [image: Oliver Squire]

PC Daniel Davis and PC Simon Goldsmith want to raise awareness of thieves cycling past and snatching mobile phones right out of people’s hands.

PC Davis said: “People come out the tube station, look at the signal on their mobile phones, then kids come past on bikes and take them from their hands.  We want to give some general advice”.

LCC Journalism student Naz K Rasmussen had her iPhone snatched by a cycle thief last December.

police officers in LCC

“I just saw some fingers suddenly fiddling with my phone, right out of the blue as I was crossing the street from the tube station. It took me a couple of seconds to register that the guy was on a bike – then he was gone”, she said.

PC Davis and PC Goldsmith were at LCC  to give advice to students on crime in the area.

“It’s particularly bad around this area because of the infrastructure – trains, buses, tubes”, PC Davis said.  “But in Canada Water, even uptown, there’s the same type of crime pattern in relation to mobile phone snatches”.

He advises students to have a general awareness when using their phones in the street. “As soon as you get out the station, don’t have it in your hand. Smartphones are expensive.”


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