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UAL talent: Esteban Peña Parga

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Today artist takes Esteban Peña Parga takes centre stage.

Esteban Peña Parga is studying a Masters in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design. This project is called Can you believe the weather? and is inspired primarily by English small talk.

Esteban Peña Parga argues that it is not the English that are obsessed with the weather instead it is their way of starting a superficial conversation with a neutral theme that has no potential to offend anyone.

The project developed further after a trip to Versailles where Parga watched swans feeding and sticking their bottoms in the air. Parga then turned to Henri Bergson’s essay on laughter.

Bergson’s essay states that if we laugh when we look at an animal it is because we project onto that animal a human expression or attitude. It is on this premise in which the project is based.

Nevertheless Esteban Peña Parga hopes to leave Can you believe the weather? open to interpretation.

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