Published on February 27, 2013 | by Stephanie Richardson


Ghost writing: Has technology gone too far?

ALN deputy lifestyle editor Stephanie Richardson [Jack Henshall]

If you are one of those 1.6 million people who tuned into Channel 4 two weeks ago – to catch the second series of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror– you will no doubt be familiar with the plot of the first episode.

Recently, one of our features writers reported on a new technology that is due for release next month called _LIVESON.

Making Brooker’s bleak look into the future somewhat of a reality, _LIVESON will carry on tweeting for you after you are dead, by analysing what it is you like while you are still alive.

After watching the first episode of Brooker’s three part series, entitled Be Right Back, I could not help but feel as if his predictions of the extent of technology were a long way off in the future.

Well, at least certainly past my time on earth.

But apparently not.

The thought of technology being able to somehow keep my loved ones or myself alive after passing away – at least in a technical sense – sends a shiver down my spine. Being able to communicate from the grave seems so wrong.

With the monumental advances in technology over the past ten years, our future is definitely uncertain.

You cannot help but wonder how far technology is actually going to go and whether it is for the benefit and better good of the general public.


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