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Presenter: Lauren Cowley
Producers: Lauren Cowley, Shereen Lawrence

Starting a new course at university can come with plenty of problems – the biggest being your accommodation. Living in halls is one thing but what about forking out for a nice little houseshare with a couple of your friends? Is it a green light or a no no?

“I haven’t had a bad experience living with friends – you end up drinking every evening and then working and drinking. Yeah, I like it.”
Sophie Ansell, 23, Performance Design and Practice, CSM
“Taking care of smells from the kitchen, and dust, is very important. Respect is very important. Living with friends is nice, it creates a nice atmosphere but the bad sides do come out when you are with each other 24/7.”
Luka, 23, MA Narrative Environment and Architecture, CSM
“Three rules. One: no passive aggressiveness, two: put onions in clingfilm in the fridge, three: no open cat litter trays and if your cat shits in the bath, clean it up – straight away.”
Ffione, 22, Performance Design and Practice, CSM
“I don’t think it is a good idea because you start to learn qualities about them that will start to annoy you and it could cause tension and arguments which would not be there if you didn’t live together.”
Melissa Branwall, 18, BA Design, CSM
“I get along with all of my housemates. I think it’s definitely a good idea, that is what I’m going to do next year. It works if you don’t steal people’s food, are tidy and considerate of other people.”
Tom Deacon, 19, Architecture, CSM
“I think it can be nice to live with friends because it can be fun and you’ve got someone you’re close to. You’re less stressed too because you can trust them though they can slip up and do something that really annoys you but because they’re your friend you make allowances for them.”
Sian Douglas, 28, Performance Design and Practice, CSM

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