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Mum, dad – meet my iPhone girlfriend

A screen shot of the My Virtual Girlfriend app.

A screen shot from the My Virtual Girlfriend app. [image: Jon Durr]

With virtual lives constantly expanding, people are no longer content with just owning a Tamogotchi.

Some prefer a virtual other half – which opens up a gap in the market for apps like Amamiya Momo from Japan.

The software hitches you up with a virtual anime girlfriend who lives in your phone.

She gets angry when you are out on the streets and happy when you are at home and her mood also changes based on what time of day it is.

The GPS-based app gives you 200 pre-programmed patterns of behaviour and voice samples that come in Japanese, but can be subtitled in English.

It gets even stranger: the latest male fascination is to take their virtual girlfriends to beach resorts.

Three girlfriends, all underage

Love Plus, a game for the Nintendo DS and iPhone, takes a fantasy girlfriend and incorporates her into the real world. The strangest thing is the fact that you choose one of three girlfriends who range from the ages of 12 to 15. Is this even legal?

Although the creators claim there are no sexual implications, a man actually married his character in December 2009.

Hotels have even started to play along with the idea that the app is your real girlfriend. You can check into a beach resort with her, or download an application that puts your virtual girlfriend beside you in the pictures that you take.

You can also pose in spots around the resort that have barcodes, and there she will pop up beside you. You can also book a double room with your ‘girlfriend’ and use the same barcode system to show her lying next to you in bed wearing a summer kimono.

Are you lonesome tonight?

Another application to hit the market is the South Korean-developed software, Honey it’s me! It costs £1.99 and allows you to play more than 100 different video messages from your cyber-girlfriend, including “Are you still sleeping? Time for breakfast!” and “Good night, sweet dreams.”

The application has received some criticism but the creator has defended it, saying he “developed this application to console people for their loneliness.”

Be the envy of your friends

Alongside these apps are also third-party websites offering Facebook services. You essentially pay £5 for girls to write nice things on your wall.

They will send you a cute video message, make your girlfriend jealous, send you text messages and much more.

Though many of the girls claim they will not offer anything sexual, there seems to be a fine line that many of them are balancing on.

If all of the above fail to help you fit in there are a multitude of applications to help you enhance your dating abilities with real-life women.

From pick-up lines to online dating agencies, these are the next-best thing to buying fake girlfriends

From pick-up lines to online dating agencies, these are the next-best thing to buying fake girlfriends, but probably a better alternative.

It may be old fashioned, but no one wants to introduce a 12 to 15-year-old Japanese girl on their iPhone to their parents.

Meet Moi is a new application dedicated to speedy matches in your area. You input your details, and when the application finds you a match in your area it will link you up.

You then organise a meeting – but if you’re that desperate to meet a fellow singleton maybe a cocktail bar on a Friday night might be a better bet.

Weird apps

Random Guy

Do you find that every time you take a picture of you or your mates on a night out, there is always a random guy in it? Why not add him yourself? Whether trying to convince your mate that they kissed that weirdo at the party last week or playing a prank on your sister, a random guy can add some humour to your photos.

Fake Conversation

This app allows you to record a fake conversation on your phone. For when you are trying to get out of a family function or impress a date – just answer your phone and repeat after the recording. Easy.


A must-have for the modern student, this app turns your phone into a virtual pint glass. As you ‘drink’ the beer disappears.

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