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Fashion magazine for CSM graduates

Varsity magazine online

Students work will be showcased in the annual magazine [Giancarlo De Vita]

An annual fashion magazine dedicated solely to showcasing the work of London’s MA Fashion graduates has been launched by Central Saint Martins alumnus Megan Wray Schertler.

VARSITY London, which saw its first issue released in October, displays the work of graduates from Central Saint Martins, London College of Fashion and The Royal College of Art, three of London’s most recognised art institutions.

Describing the core ideas behind VARSITY London, 26-year-old Schertler, the editor of the magazine, said: “VARSITY London aims to provide comprehensive coverage of London’s MA Fashion graduate talent.

“It serves as an introduction between recent graduates and the industry at large – stylists, buyers, future employers and so on.”

Originally from New York, Schertler initially formed the magazine as part of a final year project for the BA Criticism, Communication and Curation course at CSM.

Increasing Recognition 

She said: “I was lucky enough to work with designers JT Yean and Shiho Yokoyama [fellow CSM graduates] on another project between our two courses. I began contacting every graduate asking for as much material – look books, sketches, photos, etc – as possible.

“I had secured material for almost every single graduate by the time the Royal College of Art graduated in May.

“It serves as an introduction between recent graduates and the industry at large – stylists, buyers, future employers and so on.” Megan Wray Schertler.

“Having spent the summer finalising content, JT and Shiho designed the publication layout and website in about two months. In total, the inaugural issue took about eight months to complete”, she continued.

Schertler’s American background has influenced the creative process, with the title of the publication drawing its inspiration from the American sports jacket of the same name.

Rather than reporting on the latest trends, the magazine instead takes a look at the concept of fashion from a more archival standpoint, with Schertler describing it as “an annual time capsule of the state of fashion design education and emerging talent.”

Yokoyoma added: “It is aiming to be an annual magazine, allowing the audience to compare the talents from different schools and different years.”

The magazine has been receiving increasing recognition, with a mention on the Vogue blog earlier this month perhaps being the most notable.

Describing her hopes for the future, Schertler said: “Our second issue will expand to include a wider range of MA Fashion graduates from London. I want VARSITY London to remain flexible to the state of arts and design education. “

The next issue will be released in 2013.





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