Published on March 2, 2013 | by Jawad Elattar


Trendspotter: Satchels

Spotted at Wimbledon this week

Visiting Wimbledon College of Art this week one thing was clear: the backpack is dead. Long live the satchel. Mostly leather – although some were material. Both male and female students were seen sporting cowhide bags in a variety of sizes. There were no patterns. Instead, bags were plain and sharp, which made them look all the more refined.

Leather satchels and messenger bags add a touch of sophistication to any look, especially when paired with a smart coat and boots. Over the shoulder bags were the most popular of all, although there were a few people carrying theirs by their side.

Most interesting of all was that there was an array of colours. Instead of just tan or black, reds, pinks and purples were popular choices – with the odd blue bag making an appearance. It did not really matter what shade though, as the colours were deeper than they were vibrant, meaning that they could feasibly be worn with anything.

Topshop are offering satchels and messenger bags at a reasonable price, currently selling mini satchels at £18, most of which are very bright and stand out. For a little more, the ‘edge paint satchels’ sell for £28 and are slightly less garish.

For men, satchels and messenger bags start at £28 from Topman and feature prints instead of being simple and plain. The ‘paisley suede’ satchel looks good, although it is more expensive at £60.


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