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The age of sexual networking

Shag At Uni Website.

You can meet up for a casual fling with people on the Shag At Uni website. [Image: Shag At Uni]

Since when did students need a website to hook up?

It is pretty easy to meet someone with the constant flow of socials and parties so why bother taking time out of your day to set up a profile on a website purely based on sex?

Entrepreneur Tom Thurlow’s website – encourages members, usually university students, to send each other saucy messages and meet up for casual no-strings-attached relations. The website has already become a huge success.

The Daily Mail claimed back in November that the site had managed to quickly accumulate 26,933 members within the first two months of its grand opening (no pun intended). So, they must be doing something right.

Sex-crazy students aged 18-30 can create revealing profiles, supplying all potential suitors with a raunchy photo and description of themselves as well as their sexual preferences in explicit details.

This was everyone knows where they stand and everyone wins.

Take caution 

Although the website is promoted as the biggest student sex site on the web, anyone can join it and users do not need a university email address to sign up.

So be careful – you might think you are meeting a cute 23-year-old lacrosse hunk from Camberwell but really it could be a 40-year-old fat bloke, who is obsessed with World of Warcraft.

Always make sure you are one hundred per cent certain who you are talking to.

Our students only ever want one thing, whether you are a shy student who feels more comfortable making introductions online or the uni player who needs to get action every night of the week, accommodates and caters to every type of student.

 “University students sexual practice is entirely a personal choice.” NUS spokesperson

The website is free to join, giving students a chance to get laid every night of the week and not have any of the strings attached with dating. You can also send virtual gifts, ‘winks’- similar to Facebook poking, and make video profiles.

As the website states, “No sweet talk, no cute texts, no flowers! Our students only ever want one thing so you don’t have to beat around the bush to get it.”- Pun intended.

The National Union of Students said students should priorities their safety if they were considering signing up and getting involved.

“University students sexual practice is entirely a personal choice,” an NUS spokesperson said. “The main consideration for the NUS is of course safety first and safe sex information is available from most Students Unions.”

If cheesy chat up lines are not your thing, and the thought of rejection puts you off going out to find your next conquest then sign up to the sight, but always be safe.

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