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Childbirth: Ain’t it a right kick in the balls?


Thanks to new technology men can now experience labour pains [YouTube: Pluumke]

So, you must have all heard of Jackass? Well Holland now has a similar showProefknoijnen,which translates as ‘Guinea Pig’.

The two male presenters from the show, Dennis Storm and Valerio Zena are famous for their crazy antics on live TV.

For one of their latest stints, they volunteered to experience simulated labour pains for a skit on their show because they wanted to prove once and for all that men are stronger that women.

Storm and Zena’s reason was that wanted to experience this excruciating pain firsthand because they heard that giving birth is the worst pain in existence.

They saw this as a challenge and it seems that no matter how ridiculous it may be, these two men cannot pass up a challenge.

New- and not very useful- developments in technologies have recently been completed which make this experiment possible.


The trail begins at ‘the birth home’ in Amsterdam where obstetrician Iiona guides the presenters through their experience.

They then lay on a bed and simulation pads are placed on their lower abdomens which- when turned on- begin to replicate contractions.

Their challenge to prove they were the stronger sex backfired as the men could not cope with the pain and after just two hours they begged for the electrodes to be taken off. If only women had this option – the average first labour lasts for an excruciating 14 hours.

It also has been noted – mostly by women on various social networking sites, that the machine only simulates the contraction pains.

“Watching the video of the Zena and Storm has to be one of the funniest things I’ve seen.” Jeyda Sitki

The presenters forget to mention that women also have to put up with a baby being passed through their body and the stitches they may have to endure afterwards.

Jeyda Sitki, 21, a student at University of Westminster said: “Watching the video of the Zena and Storm has to be one of the funniest things I’ve seen. The guys start using gas to help control their breathing and get on their hands and knees screaming for their dear life. The expressions on their faces and their cries of agonies had me in stitches.”

These guys did it through choice- foolishly. But for women all over the world- it is the main choice available if you want a family.

So girls the next time a guy tells you that being kicked in his manhood is a lot more painful that bringing life into the world, be sure to show him this video of Storm and Zena and the agonising two hours they endured.

Student opinion

We asked around some of the male students at UAL to see if any of our students would give it a go – alarmingly not all of them said no.

Ryan Abidine, 21, film and television student: “I have never heard of it and I wouldn’t want to try it. It doesn’t improve anyones health of have any point why would I do it for no reason.”

Michael Luong, 18, graphic pathway student said: “I have not heard of it I would be willing to try it out just for the experience”

Drew Shearwood, 21, Photography Masters student: “I think all men who want to have a child should try this out. It is a great opportunity to experience a similar sensation that females experience during labour. I would personally love to have the chance to feel what contractions are like and it would make me have more sympathy and understanding for women.”

Liang Huang, 22, graphic media design student: “I haven’t even come across that before I would maybe try it as it is good try to new things.”

Sam Barker, 22, game design student: “ I would never try it, I wouldn’t willingly want to put myself through that pain.”

If you would like to watch the video click here.

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