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Independent women: Throw your hands up

Joy at learning for a better future in Bangladesh

International women’s day gives hope of a better future for women worldwide [Flickr: S.Mojumder]

Each year on March 8, people around the world celebrate International Women’s Day.

Thousands of events take place in different countries in order to celebrate the political, economic and social achievements of women as well as the love and respect they deserve.

Some countries in Europe consider International Women’s Day an official public holiday and similarly to Mother’s Day, women receive flowers and often gifts.

Not all of us may understand why we celebrate International Women’s Day; the twenty-four hour period is to acknowledge how women have overcome their struggle through time.

There are countries around the world – usually less economically developed – where girls are kept from receiving an education; over the years progress has been made rapidly and these are the factors that are recognised on International Women’s Day.

Basic human rights

Education as well as appropriate health care has increased for women whilst the respect for human rights has expanded and developed.

However, there are still many places in the world where men and woman do not have the same rights; in many countries women are still the victims of violence, rape and domestic abuse.

Each year the United Nations (UN) follows a theme for International Women’s Day and the 2013 theme will launch a music celebration for women worldwide. It will feature more than 20 artists selected from around the globe.

There are still many places in the world where men and woman do not have the same rights.

One Woman: A song for UN women cries out for change and praises the acts of courage; the lyrics are inspired by the stories of the women that the UN has supported.

Since 2011 the UN Woman is an organisation directed with moving forward women’s empowerment and equality amongst genders worldwide.

The One Women song will inspire its listeners about the missions of UN women and it will help serve as a drive for the emancipation of women in all areas of life.

Microsoft – who is the UN Women’s corporate partner – has generously sponsored the song and the music production; it will be available to purchase on iTunes as well Amazon and all the proceeds will directly go towards the support of the UN Women programme.

Find out more about what you could do to make this years International Women’s Day memorable at


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