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Images of urination cause controversy at LCC

Work by LCC MA Photography student Sara Wellenkamp has divided opinion at the college [Alastair Johnstone]

A photography student at the London College of Communication (LCC)  has sparked controversy after showcasing images of a female posing naked and urinating into a bath.

MA Photography student Sara Wellenkamp is displaying the images as part of a course exhibition.

The five pictures feature a woman undressing in a bathroom, culminating with her urinating in a bath tub whilst standing naked.

It is unclear whether the images are of herself or a model.

The work has captured the attention of many students at the college, many of whom have debated to what extent the images are art or simply attention-grabbing pornography.

An LCC student who wished to remain anonymous was offended by the pictures and told Arts London News that she doesn’t consider the project to have artistic merit.

“I don’t like it, and I really don’t understand why she decided to do such a project. Its just a process of images showing her taking off her clothes. It’s not art,” she said.

“Its kind of Tracey Emin-esque. I dont know if I’d buy it, but I do like it.” Student, Emily Gerard

However, other students that spoke to ALN said that they appreciated the concept.

Emily Gerard, 21, a BA Graphic and Media Design student at LCC said: “I didn’t quite know what on earth was going on when I first saw the images.

“Its kind of Tracey Emin-esque. I dont know if I’d buy it, but I do like it. The concept is pretty interesting, I look at it and want to ask questions.

“Its also definitely a nice representation of the female form,” she laughed.

Wellenkamp was unavailable for comment.

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2 Responses to Images of urination cause controversy at LCC

  1. zefrog says:

    I’m not sure that annonymous student quite understands what art is. Her personal appreciation or even understanding of something is not the criterium to declare it art or not.

  2. Danny Gardner says:

    It’s nothing like Tracey Emin’s stuff. Her (early) work has a far different feel than this. And in this, unlike in Emin’s self portraits, the models head(s) is cropped out. there is no autobiographical pulse anywhere in this art. I don’t dislike the art, and I’m sure this wasn’t the artists intention, to be autobiographical (if it is, she’s really missed the point). But it’s not like Emin.

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