Published on February 22, 2013 | by Helen Olufowobi & Ayshia Armani



Presenter: Sarah Mona
Producers: Adam Harris, Anita Sohal

In all the excitement of London Fashion Week, we decided to find out what fashion item students at UAL could not live without.

“My Zara handbag. I’ve worn it every single day for the past year. I just love it, it carries everything and it’s so smart.”
Constance Geffreys, 18, International Production Management, LCF
“For me fashion means I have to wear boots everyday. Everyone has their own fashion item they can’t live without. For me it’s boots. I have about 20 pairs at home.”
Peter Y, 19, Access to Fashion Business, LCF
“Probably my watch, I’ve got lots of them and whenever I forget it I feel a bit lost. I’ve got all different coloured ones and match them to my outfit. I have about eight.”
Sara Bell, 26, Access to Fashion Business, LCF
“Blazers and jackets. I always need a cool trendy jacket or blazer.”
Chris Sappl, 21, Media Communications, LCC
“Red lipstick.”
Rachel Bacc, FDA Graphic and Social Communication, LCC
“I can’t live without my saints bracelet. I have this one and one in white.”
Chris Faisler, 21, MSc International Fashion Management, LCF



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