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Wimbledon graduate designs Superman costumes


Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel. [Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures€™]

A new blockbuster to be released this summer features the work of Academy Award winning costume designer and Wimbledon alumnus, James Acheson.

Acheson has won three Academy Awards for his work on the films Dangerous LiaisonsRestoration and The Last Emperor – for which he also won a BAFTA – and is probably best known for his work on Sam Raimi’s Spiderman films.

This summer sees the release of a new superhero film Acheson has worked on called Man of Steel; a fresh take on the Superman franchise starring British actor Henry Cavill.

Acheson told Arts London News that whilst studying BA Costume Design at Wimbledon in the late seventies, “television and film were hardly talked about except in hushed tones”.

Something magical

He has nothing but praise for the head of Wimbledon’s Theatre department: “Richard Negri was a genius, what I remember most was that he made me realise that if you researched hard enough, thought hard enough and worked hard enough at a design idea, something remarkable sometimes happened in your work.

“It is something almost magical, that is beyond what you might have originally conceived,” Acheson explained.

Having been so successful in his chosen career, Acheson offered advice to students on how to succeed in their chosen career path: “Remember that you often don’t know when you are being noticed.

“People are drawn to visually attractive, friendly people with energy, passion, enthusiasm and conscientiousness. They will notice these things long before they discover if you have any talent or not,” he said.

Man of Steel is released in UK cinemas on June 14, 2013.


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