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CSM student remembered in exhibition


The life of a Central Saint Martins’ student killed in a cycling accident last October is being celebrated in an exhibition.

BA Menswear student Min Joo Lee,  known to friends as ‘Deep’, was killed after colliding with a truck on her bike outside Kings Cross station.

Her boyfriend Kenji Hirasawa, 30-year-old artist is organising the By Deep for Deep, Part One exhibition, which includes work by Deep as well her friends and colleagues.

Hirasawa said: “So many people got inspiration from Deep, so I encouraged them to create designs to see through their art how she influenced them.

“I needed to find a way of staying with Deep and her memory, and the most positive way was doing her exhibition and keeping her alive through art.

“We have already arranged a second exhibition starting later this month, and we’re in contact with Central Saint Martins about setting up a huge project showcasing every artist some time in the future.

Great designer

“The exhibition will continue for several years. The plan is to continue to find different spaces and artists, and carry on her memory.”

Fellow artist and friend, Vincent Lechapelain, 26, studied with Deep at CSM.

He said he was proud to be able to provide art for the exhibition: “She was a great designer, a great student and had a lot of qualities. We really miss her of course.

“Its a great thing that Kenji asked us to participate in this, its our chance to provide a tribute, and I’m very happy about that.

Raymond Tan

“It’s a great way to spread who she was and what she believed in, and I truly believed in her”

“Someone so young that disappears, with a life, a lot of friends and great potential, you don’t want this to end.

“You want to carry on this memory of her, and this is the aim of the exhibition”, he said.

LCF Photography Masters graduate, Raymond Tan, 26, provided a photo collage for the exhibition.

“We were all very good friends with Deep, and it was something we could do to remember who she was, and remember the impact she still has on our lives.

“It’s a great way to spread who she was and what she believed in, and I truly believed in her”, Tan said.

By Deep for Deep Part One is showing at the KK Outlet in Hoxton until October 27. Part Two of the exhibition will be held at the Tin Cafe in Shoreditch from October 28 to December 8.



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