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Your name’s not Dan, you’re not coming in

Alice Temperly Party at Selfridges.

Blagging your way into fashion week can be easy if you know how. [Flickr: BitchBuzz]

If you were not lucky enough to get into London Fashion Week this season, Arts London News have got some top tips for you to blag your way in for many seasons to come.

Fashion week is one of the most anticipated events throughout the four fashion capitals of the World – London, Paris, Milan and New York.

Just like a scene from Gossip Girl, if you have a way of getting in, everyone wants to be your friend.

Many fashion lovers jump out of their seats, in the anticipation of London Fashion Week – but how many actually have invites? How many know someone that could get them in? And how many of them are waiting for press releases and bloggers to get the latest gossip?

After all, the majority of these events run on an invite only basis – or do they?

It has been a challenge to find out different ways in which normal people like you and I can get in on the action without having been formally invited. You must be brave and really committed in order to take on this exciting but daring conquest.

Similar to any exam you may sit or essay you may write, the key to a favourable outcome is, of course, research and preparation. So before any fashion show, make sure you know what is happening, where it is happening and when it is happening.

You need to appear well informed which gives off a strong and important character – even if you do not feel it.

Exclusive runway shows

The most gripping part of each fashion week are the exclusive runway extravaganzas – where the likes of Anna Wintour or Karl Lagerfeld could be just a few seats away. Nobody seems to be as interested in the other exhibitions in the same way they are interested in getting their hands on the invites for the catwalks.

So remember you have to act fast because you are not the only hungry trendspotter trying to make an impression.

The easiest and possibly most well known way of grabbing yourself an invite is to complete work experience at one of the contributing fashion houses prior to the event. It should not be too difficult to come by, especially with the lead up to fashion week – help is always needed.

The build up to the shows will be very busy and frantic so do not bombard anyone with too many emails.

Also take this opportunity to make contacts – meeting new people could be an easy way to see yourself at one of the hottest after-parties.

Contact as many PRs as you can. On the London Fashion Week website you will find a list of the PRs who most frequently attend fashion week events. These will most likely have more positions available for work experience.

Write a letter informing them of your passion and interest in being involved and helping out. Make sure you sound enthusiastic.

The next thing to do is be as tolerant and patient as you can until you receive your reply. The build up to the shows will be very busy and frantic so do not bombard anyone with too many emails.

Another way of trying to get in, is the somewhat, over-used excuse of ‘I am a fashion journalist’. There are many other wise blaggers out there that will also try this excuse, so try to be as swift as you can. Call show organisers early and ask them for passes – you need them desperately of course because you are writing a fashion feature.

They love the attention of the media so this is always a possibility, but remember to write notes at the event so you at least look like a journalist.

Where’s my invite?

Another option – you could try to give the companies a call and ask why your invite has not been sent to you yet? A great way to back up this excuse is by doing research on the previous parties so make sure you know who was where, when and why.

The last option you could use is to make it clear that you plan on setting up a clothing business. Designers hardly ever say no to having more buyers for their collections. The only danger you could face when trying this alternative route could be exposing yourself as an extensive liar.

Go prepared as you may be asked to explain where your store is going to be situated, what demographic of customers you are looking to attract and when your shop will be opening. Making up answers to the above could lead to a dip in the story – when spinning a deep web of lies it is easy to get caught out. Lying is not something that we condone so be careful.

If one of the above works for you then try to get yourself as many invites as you possibly can. Remember – the more they see your face around, the more chance you have of being invited to an event for the following season.

Security is an important factor that plays a huge part. Just like those mean girls at the doors of nightclubs – the ones who stand with false authority holding a clipboard – security will be tight, and not to mention, ruthless. Make sure you are as nice as you can be and act ready and poised at all times.

Looking good

For the love of Coco Chanel please remember to dress the part. Walk around with your head – and glossy hair of course – held high. However be careful not to over-do it otherwise you will look like you missed the memo and received an invite for a Haute Couture show instead.

Another word of advice – though you may be pretending to be the next hottest fashion blogger in town – do not walk around using someone else’s identity. You will get caught out and not only will you embarrass yourself but you will also kill your chances of an invite to any after parties.

Be careful not to over-do it otherwise you will look like you missed the memo and received an invite for a Haute Couture show.

So you have used one of the blagging techniques, squeezed through security and you are hopefully looking the part. Now what?

This is a vital opportunity you should never miss, it is to your advantage to speak to as many people as you can. Do not be shy and make sure you boost some egos.

By the time you finish giving someone a compliment their self-esteem should be so high that they may forget to ask you who you are or if they have met you before. Whilst you are here, make sure you blag yourself an invite to an after-party.

If any of these fail, we suggest you throw up a big commotion. Someone is bound to be stressed enough as it is, give up and let you in. Otherwise a kind security fellow will escort you away. Take note; this is the perfect time to hang your head in shame and to take no for an answer, for now. So, be sure to try again – harder – the following season.


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