Published on February 14, 2013 | by Helen Olufowobi & Ayshia Armani



Presenter: Sarah Mona
Producers: Anita Sohal, Sarah Mona, Adam Harris

Whether you’re a lonely heart or all loved-up, we’ve all got an opinion on the annual day of affection – Valentine’s Day. What does it mean and how important is it to the students at UAL though? Art London News’ interactive team decided to find out.

“A lot of sex! I’m joking, it obviously means showing love to the person in your heart. It’s a special day for people to just appreciate each other.”
Alex B, 24, Digital Media Design, LCC 
“I think it’s a wonderful day for a woman. They’re expecting attention, presents and dinner with candles – something romantic. I’m really waiting for Valentines Day.”
Nora S, 20, Media Communications, LCC
“It depends in the situation you’re in. It’s just an added day for guys to spend money. A lot of girls feel if they don’t have a man, it will be dead. It’s just any other day.”
Sean Richards, 21, Graphic and Media Design, LCC
“Nothing. I think it’s bullshit – you should love everyone all year round.”
Paola P, 21, Public Relations, LCC
“It’s kind of cool but mainly for people in relationships. It’s another day to buy presents or do something nice and out of the ordinary.”
Imani Newton, 20, Public Relations, LCC
“It doesn’t mean anything to me. It’s basically commercial; it’s way of making money nowadays. It could be Valentines Day every day of the year.”
Charlotte Bouillot, 22, Media Communication, LCC


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