Published on February 8, 2013 | by Helen Olufowobi & Ayshia Armani



Presenter: Adam Harris
Producers: Shereen Lawrence, Lauren Cowley

Are you dangerously addicted to social media? One of our feature writers admitted her relationship with her smartphone is is getting a bit out of hand so we decided to find out how addicted UAL students are to digital technology.

“I’d like to spend more time doing other things instead of being on Facebook.”
Marie Pier, Design for Graphic Communication, LCC 
“I’ve got a bit of a Facebook problem – I’m on it right now. I should be doing coursework. I’m not! I’ve just joined Twitter which is even worse. I also check my Hotmail like ten times a day.”
Henry Fry, 25, Journalism, LCC
“I think that to some extent I’m addicted, like anyone else. It’s a way of being with your friends and getting information very quickly. Some people lose reality and make the virtual world real life. You have to know the physicality of things.”
Alejandro, 21, Interaction and Moving Image, LCC
“I use Facebook as an inspirational tool. The only friends I have are related to design and post things relating to design.”
Mattia, Interaction and Moving Image, LCC
“When I wake up, I always access my page and check it. When I take a break… check it, check it.”
Li, Illustration and Visual Media, LCC

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