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Put fitness in the frame

Rebounding Trampoline Class

Who said fitness has to be serious?
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If you don’t really like exercise but do really like looking good in a small swimsuit then Frame could be just what you’re looking for. Fun exercise classes worth getting out of bed for aren’t too frequent.

Down a shabby ally and nestled under railway arches lies Frame, Shoreditch. Studios have been kitted out to attract the trendy residents of the area, with wooden floors, mirrors to stroke egos and enough exposed brickwork to put any loft conversion to shame.

There are no enforced membership fees, so if you don’t want to commit to the health kick you don’t have to. However be warned that classes will cost you more should you decide to run with this carefree approach.

Have a go at their ‘rebounding’ to tackle the fat and you might find yourself keen to make it part of a routine rather than a quick-fix. The class is held entirely on mini trampolines.

Dancing for the uncoordinated

Sounds fun? You’re right, it is. It is a series of relatively easy cardio-working exercises like star jumps, jump-squats and high kicks to loud, dance music. Almost like dancing for the uncoordinated.

The class begins with one or two small exercises and the teacher builds them up into a routine throughout the 45 minutes. There’s no time to think with the fast pace, and it’ll certainly make you sweat. Your legs will probably hurt the first few times, but once you lose a bit of jiggle you’ll be hooked.

Stars all round for performance, but the price dulls the shine a little.

It is not just rebounding on offer either. Their signatures include ‘bend it like Barbie’, ‘Jane Fonda tribute’ and ‘Frame barre’, which are all both fun and effective. Customers and coaches don’t take themselves too seriously, creating a friendly atmosphere no matter what your fitness level.


Coaches range from buff boys doing push-ups – while simultaneously in a handstand position and teaching classes (true story) – to bouncy pregnant women cheering as you work your sweaty little behind to a loud remix of the latest chart hits.

The negative comes in form of the price. Without a membership you pay £10 for a rebounding class, with some of the other classes stretching to £15 for an hour. This is where some student savvy comes in handy.

Want a helpful tip? Wait for the special deals at the start of each month. Alternatively, memberships are available from £65 a month for that rare breed of people who find themselves with disposable income.

Stars all round for performance, but the price dulls the shine a little.

29 New Inn, Yard
, Shoreditch, EC2A 3EY or give them a bell on: 020 7033 185529

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