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Aces & Eights: All you need is rock, liquor and pizza

‘A dive bar in the truest sense of the word’.
[Image: Aces & Eights]


Located just across the road from Tufnell Park station is the Aces & Eights  watering hole which contrasts dramatically with the rest of pleasant north London. The awning has just three words on it: “Rock, Liquor, Pizza,” leaving you knowing what to expect.

The saloon describes itself as “a dive bar in the truest sense of the word,” and this is apparent as soon as you walk in. Punters sit in near darkness at any time of the day, with the bar lit up by neon signs, and candles on the tables of every booth.

The walls are tarnished with music posters of all eras and genres and the ‘rough and ready’ feel makes the whole place very comfortable. If you’re planning an evening with a large group of people, you can call ahead to book a booth or two.

Music is played loudly enough so that you can sing along but not so loudly that you have to shout in order to talk to someone less than a metre away. On that note, the music is a great mix of classic rock, and every Thursday and Sunday there is live music from a line-up of musicians, with DJs on weekends.

Happy hour

On to the liquor and the‘pizza. There is a happy hour running between 6pm and 8pm every Monday to Friday which see both the drinks and pizza prices reduced, although Aces & Eights isn’t the most expensive of places anyway – a pint of Amstel is always £3.30 and the range of American beers aren’t much more.

As expected cocktails do cost more than your average pint, but with a wide range of bourbons and whiskeys on offer, Aces & Eights make a great Old Fashioned.

If you want to escape the Camden crowds but experience the same environment, this bar is perfect any time of the week.

Pizzas are pricier, with a 12” costing £7.95 and 16” coming in at £15.95. Having said that, the pizzas are brilliant. On my last visit with two friends, we ordered two 16” pizzas between us and they not only filled us, they were also well-prepared and very tasty.

We chose the Quattro Formaggi and the Punta Luzzi – a mix of Gorgonzola, ham, and pear. The latter was a great surprise; almost like a reinvented Hawaiian pizza, the pear worked really well with the ham and cheese, even if it left the thin base a little moist. That was only a momentary problem however, as we simply rolled each slice up and went for it.

One of the biggest attractions of Aces & Eights is the fact that it is just slightly out of the way, meaning that if you want to escape the Camden crowds but experience the same kind of environment, this bar is perfect any time of the week.

Aces & Eights, 156-158 Fortess Road, NW5 2HP

Sunday-Thursday: 4pm-1am, Friday-Saturday: 4pm-3am

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