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Christmas from an outsider’s perspective

London College of Fashion research student Hormazd Narielwalla has been invited to exhibit his work at Hoxton’s Long White Cloud Café in December.

Through the exhibition, he plans to depict what ‘”Christmas is really about, from an outsider’s perspective”, since he is not a Christian.

The café would like to incorporate a Christmas theme, but Narielwalla is, by his own admission: “not a very Christmassy person”.

There will be “no tinsel and glitter balls for me”, said Narielwalla.

“It’s not about giving gifts to people but a celebration of birth and life, which is what Jesus Christ is all about: he was born on December 25.

“No tinsel and glitter balls for me” – Narielwalla.

So I decided to do vagina impressions because I think that life begins with female anatomy,” he added.

Artistic Exploration

Narielwalla received the International Rector’s Scholarship from the University of Arts London at LCF.

His research, due for completion in 2013, is described on his website as “an artistic exploration of tailoring patterns as historical documents and drawings abstracting the human form.”

For Narielwalla, studying at UAL opened the door to “good conversation not only with fashion people but also designers, communicators and artists from six different colleges.

It’s broad and diverse conversation which one wouldn’t have in another University”, said Narielwalla.

Survival of the Fittest

Speaking on the 30 per cent cut to the Arts Council budget, he said: “There is funding out there, and cutbacks, yes. But there are opportunities and I think it’s survival of the fittest.

He said artists have to ask themselves: “What does your practice have to offer? What are you answering? Where do you fit into the greater picture?”

Narielwalla has previously held exhibitions sponsored by Paul Smith and the Sheridan design agencies. He has also exhibited in Sweden, Greece, Australia, New York and Japan.

His third book, based on his series A Study on Anansi, will be published next year.

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