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Perryman weighs in on roof fiasco

Head of England fans, Mark Perryman, believes that England should think carefully about their own stadium before lecturing the Polish about the game that never was.

The World Cup qualifier in Warsaw was called off due to substantial amounts of rain, forcing the tie to be rescheduled for the following day, despite the stadium having a retractable roof

Rather than be bitter about the decision, Perryman believes that the game would have been called off in any stadium around the world and points to Wembley as an example; “There’s only one football stadium in England with a partial roof and that’s Wembley.

“They stopped the process of building the roof, they spent 750 million pounds on a new national stadium and they either ran out of money or they ran out of purpose and decided not to complete the retractable roof.

“So when we lecture the Poles on what a crappy stadium they’ve got for their money, let’s remember that at Wembley we haven’t even got a roof.”

Perryman, who was in the stadium on the Tuesday, believes it was always clear that the game was never going ahead, despite the multiple pitch inspections. He added: “People with any sense could tell that at around 8pm the ball wasn’t moving on the pitch and there is a simple rule, whether its pub football or international football, if the ball can’t move freely on the pitch the game can’t go ahead.

“It was also absolutely obvious that the delay until 9:45pm was nothing to do with whether the ball could move on the pitch because the rain virtually never stopped; it was because there was a negotiation going on behind closed doors.

“Prior to the referee coming back out to see if the ball would move, people were just laughing, they were cheering every time he found a moderately dry patch.

“Just to give you an idea of how heavy the rain was, when I got the bus to the airport the next day, part of it was like driving through a stream on the roads.”

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