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The Little Black Jacket at the Saatchi Gallery

One of the images from the exhibition of a girl in the black Chanel jacket

Photograph from the exhibition of Elle Fanning in the black Chanel jacket [Photographs by permission of Chanel and the Saatchi Gallery]

The Saatchi Gallery, which sits in the heart of Sloane Square, is currently holding the last of a series of global photographic exhibitions from the fashion powerhouse, Chanel.

Following on from exhibitions in New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Taipei, this latest instillation is dedicated to the House’s chief designer Karl Largerfeld’s latest book.

Impeccably Styled

The free exhibition, which opened in October, displays a series of 113 photographs by Largerfeld himself, from his recent book The Little Black Jacket: CHANEL’s classic revisited by Karl Largerfeld and Carine Roitfeld.

Featuring a number of male and female friends of the House from a variety of ages, the photographs depict fashion designers, dancers, artists, children and pensioners, to name but a few.

The collection is united by the iconic black tweed Chanel jacket that Carine Roitfeld has styled impeccably in a variety of ways to suit its wearer’s personal style.

The majority of the prints on canvas are in black and white, portraying the jacket in its full glory, whilst representing the classic monochrome colour scheme that is iconic of Chanel as a brand.

Presented in a range of heights – with the majority lying between three and six feet tall – the striking images sit on all four walls of the exhibition.


Variety in the images is offered through the grain of the photography, where the pixel size fluctuates from small to large.

In the middle of the room stands a statuesque security guard next to an almost chest high pile of posters.

On offer is a choice of two A2 size posters – one of Lily Donaldson and the other of Astrid Berges-Frisbey – both of which are free for your taking.

“There are clothes which keep rejuvenating themselves instead of getting worn out.” Roberto Juarroz

Although the exhibition may seem a little like an extensive advertisement for the brand, the photographic collection clearly emphasises the brand’s values of originality, modernity and fineness.

Printed against one of the few black walls of the gallery lies a quote from Roberto Juarroz: “There are clothes which keep rejuvenating themselves instead of getting worn out.”

Using this ethos, Largerfeld makes clear – in the exhibition – the versatility and timelessness of Chanel’s ageless jacket.

Open to the public until Sunday November 4, this short-running exhibition is bound to delight any fashion enthusiast.

The Little Black Jacket, Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York’s HQ, King’s Road, London, SW3 4RY



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