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Big Brother is not watching LCC thieves

closed-circuit television

Thefts at LCC are going unsolved due to a lack of CCTV footage [Dilantha Dissanayake]

Limited closed-circuit television (CCTV) at the London College of Communication may have caused recent thefts to go unresolved, a journalism lecturer has said.

Following the theft of her bag from her office, Sue Dawson was told that the college CCTV was “very restricted” and that nothing on the available footage would help identify the thief.

Dawson said: “The fact that CCTV does not operate properly at the college means that the police have nothing to work with when a theft takes place.

“CCTV may not be to blame for the thefts, but [is to blame] for the fact that a thief cannot be apprehended afterwards.”

Paul Lurkins, head of security at LCC, told Arts London News that although the majority of the college’s external site is covered by CCTV the inside of the college lacks surveillance.

Lack of coverage

There is CCTV in many of the college’s communal areas but the college’s classrooms, studios and staff offices are not covered.

“With 7,500 students at the college it is impossible to watch everyone at all times,” Lurkins said.

“With 7,500 students at the college it is impossible to watch everyone at all times.” Paul Lurkins, LCC head of security

Last month ALN reported on a number of thefts that had taken place at the college including a £1,200 projector.

LCC’s library also experienced a record number of thefts last summer, with “almost one laptop a week” being stolen, according to library assistant Emily Kidson.

Lurkins has previously suggested that students are to blame for the thefts that have taken place at LCC.

The is due to the strict ‘no pass, no entry’ policy at the college that should prevent any unauthorised persons from entering the building.


Security staff at LCC are now urging students to take more care of their possessions following the thefts at the college, rather than relying on CCTV.

Lurkins said: “We are advising students to use their initiative and take responsibility when it comes to the security of their items as it is not safe to assume that their items are safe when unattended.

“This is not a lawless town where people wander the building looking to take things.” Les, Claridge, LCC associate dean of environment

“CCTV is more of a deterrent than a prevention when it comes to thefts, if someone wants to steal something they are going to steal regardless of CCTV.

“You wouldn’t leave any of your items unattended in a pub or club and it should be the same at college,” he added.

Les Claridge, LCC associate dean of environment told ALN that students should not to be concerned about security at the college.

“This is not a lawless town where people wander the building looking to take things,” he said, adding “we are committed to student safety.”


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