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Tube extension may reach Camberwell College

Bakerloo line at E&C

The campaign to get the Bakerloo line extended to Camberwell is growing [Alastair Johnstone]

The Bakerloo line could be extended and provide greater access to Camberwell College of Art and Design, it has been announced

An online petition, started by Southwark Council leader Peter John, has been launched calling for the line to be extended south of Elephant and Castle to Camberwell and Peckham.

John has also urged the Mayor to include the Bakerloo line southern extension in his next 10-year transport plan for London to help bring jobs and growth to the areas.

A spokesperson from Transport for London (TfL) told Arts London News (ALN): “We are investing billions to upgrade the Tube, delivering an increase in capacity of around 30 per cent overall.


“Work carried out to investigate the feasibility of extending the Bakerloo line south from Elephant & Castle indicates that an extension could deliver significant benefits.

“Extending the Bakerloo line south from Elephant & Castle could deliver significant benefits.” TfL spokesperson

“However, further analysis is needed before any firm proposal can be developed and funding would still be required for this initiative.

“TfL continues to work with Lewisham and Southwark Councils to look at a possible extension.”

The extension is currently being backed by the council’s Labour and Liberal Democrat groups in addition to students in the local area and the Camberwell Society.

Suzannah Bolton, 20, a Camberwell College student told ALN : ‘It’s really hard for us [students] to get to certain places like galleries or exhibitions. We always have to take the bus, which can take a very long time to get anywhere because of the traffic.

“The new line would make our journey time shorter than usual, meaning we have better and quicker options to get to uni and generally to get around.”


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