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Mac has perfect lazy summer vibes

Published on May 16th, 2014 | by Sophie Hadley

Anybody who has heard Canadian multi-instrumentalist Mac Demarco speak in interviews will quickly testify that he is a very unique (and not to mention, pretty eccentric) individual. Jumpy, off-beat but with a down-to-earth attitude. Demarco’s third full-length album ‘Salad Days’ is an honest reflection... Read More


Folk, friends, poetry and Hampstead

Published on May 16th, 2014 | by Thomas Andrei

My trip to Hampstead on the Bank holiday weekend started because of a dog named Falkor. A handsome saluko who was attacked on the Heath by another dog when he was out for a walk with his owners, Alice Old and Kayleigh... Read More


Edd Post

Jersey Boys are still going strong onstage

Published on May 15th, 2014 | by Inês Ramos

Are you tired of studying and looking for a good night out with familiar songs from the good old 1960s with your mates or family? Do you enjoy an engaging storyline? If you answered ‘yes’ to... Read More


Cat named Bob

The World According To Bob

Published on May 15th, 2014 | by Karina Starobina

The principal question here is whether you like cats or not, really. Whether you can’t help making an unmistakable “awww” sound every time you see a cat/kitten or anything that reminds you of these furry friends.... Read More


Café review: The Park Café

Published on March 10th, 2014 | by Jacob Hughes

Family is the first thing that strikes you when entering the establishment; children, dutiful parents and dogs running around outside in the park come in for some of the award winning food and drinks at incredible... Read More


Gig review: Radkey

Published on March 3rd, 2014 | by Juliet Atto

A tiny room full of unfriendly, hardcore-looking people is not the premise of my ideal night out, but it ended up being on of the best nights I’ve had in a while... Read More


Bottles of alcohol.

Bar review: Redemption

Published on March 3rd, 2014 | by Emma Francis

ALN went to check out Redemption - London’s first alcohol-free bar, to see if it can compete with its alcohol-based competitors... Read More

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