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Have your work displayed in a theatrical setting

The exterior of the Camden People's Theatre

Can you link art and theatre at the CPT? [Flickr]

Students are being given the chance to exhibit work in the window of the Camden People’s Theatre (CPT).

The theatre, near Euston station, is well known for providing mentorship and support for new solo artists.

In a recent development the CPT has reclaimed its large window space from commercial advertisers, where it will show the work of up-and-coming artists from across London.

The window overlooks the busy junction of Hampstead Road and Drummond Street.


As well as working with unknown artists, the window will also be a free space for art students to showcase their work.

A spokesperson from the Camden People’s Theatre said: “We believe this will offer an excellent opportunity to emerging visual artists to promote themselves and their work – and an exciting way for CPT to share new and innovative art with its West Euston community.

“We will prioritise work that is eye-catching and provocative, spirited and adventurous.”

Submissions from London-based artists and art students should tie in with the CPT programme between now and March next year.

“We will prioritise work that is eye-catching and provocative, spirited and adventurous.” 

CPT spokesperson

“We are seeking submissions for three periods, each with a different theme to reflect our programming in the theatre. November to December will feature work on the future, January to early February will be humour and comedy and late February to March will feature festivals and festivity,” said the CPT spokesperson.

The CPT was founded in 1994 with the main aim of creating a link between visual and gestural performance and art.

The theatre has been at the heart of the Camden community as well as a wider London audience due to its theatre and arts programmes, which work on a local, national and international level.

Those interested should contact the Camden People’s Theatre on 020 7419 4841, or email admin[at]

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