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Sports greatest Taches


With November well under way  the sight of sprouting moustaches on thousands of men’s faces is once again upon us all, with ‘Movember’ sweeping the nation once more, all in aid of men’s health. The idea, to raise awareness of  health issues that are often not easy to talk about, has been so successful that a number of sporting stars have partaken in this initiative, all in the aid of charity and a bit of a laugh down at the training ground.

With this in mind we take a look at sporting stars past and present who have all sported the famous ‘tache’ and picked out our favourite of all time.

Kevin Pietersen- England and Surrey Cricketer

Cricketer Kevin Pietersen

The playboy of English cricket grew this moustache in the lead up to England’s Ashes series in Australia in 2010, in aid of Movember. However team mate Jimmy Anderson was not impressed and tweeted at the time: ‘He looks like Matt Dillon’s character in There’s Something About Mary.’ Pietersen had the last laugh though, helping his side win the Ashes, with a memorable 227 run contribution in the Second Test match.

Tache rating: 7/10

 Joey Barton- QPR on loan at Marseille

Footballer Joey Barton with his moustache

The enigma, or Joey Barton as he is also known as, has certainly had people talking over the years with a number of controversial incidents. But it was his tache growing exploits that started when he was back at Newcastle, which got the nation talking, after his pitiful attempt to grow one all in aid of Movember. The attempts to look like the modern age Hitler have certainly rubbed off on him, with Barton now required as one of the most eccentric sportsmen on the planet.

Tache rating: 6/10

Sam Allardyce- West Ham United FC Manager

Sam Allardyce rocking serious hair

‘Big Sam’ or ‘Meatloaf’ as he is also fondly known as, had pulses raising during his heyday with this tache, when he was a tough tackling centre half back in the 70’s and 80’s. He finally lost the tache in the early 00’s after promotion into the Premier League with his beloved Bolton Wanderers, sadly for him, 10 years out of date. However the West Ham manager fully deserves a place on our list purely for the amount of grooming that must have gone in to that look.
Tache rating: 9/10


Nigel Mansell – Former F1 World Champion 1992

Racing driver Nigel Mansell
The Skilled racing driver would bore many with his flaccid voice behind this thick Brummie brush throughout much of his career and beyond. But just like others before him, Mansell has decided to lose the tache in recent years, much to the disappointment of internet users who continuously post forums and petitions aiming to get Mansell to regrow his defining tache.


Tache rating: 7/10


 Hulk Hogan – WWE wrestler 

WWE Star Hulk Hogan

Probably one of the most noticeable faces in the world, megastar Hulk Hogan is known for his outrageous handlebar tache just as much as his outrageous wrestling moves. Hulk’s tache is so famous that many American’s class it as a national treasure along with the Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate bridge.
Recently this year Hulk stated that the iconic handlebar, which was born in the mid-’70s, would be shaved off so he could audition for movie roles. Please don’t do it Hulk.
Tache rating: 10/10
Golfer Sam Torrence

Sam Torrance – Ex Professional Golfer and Ryder Cup winning captain

Ryder Cup team. But it’s his old school, thick moustache that has been his most recognized feature over the years with it sticking with Torrance MOST of his entire adult life. The one

time it did come off however was during the 1981 Ryder Cup, after Golf legend Lee Trevino statedSammy, I’m going to beat that moustache off you” upon hearing the singles draw on the Saturday night. Trevino duly beat Torrance the next day and Torrance shaved the famous tache in homage to Trevino.

Tache rating: 9/10


Graeme Souness – Ex Professional Football player , Manager and current TV pundit

Football Hardman SounessThe ‘Yard broom’ tache that Souness modelled in his younger days helped him gain iconic status amongst many football fans, along with his footballing ability back in the 70’s and 80’s. Thankfully for us all, Souness has decided to lose the tache in the last 10 years, in turn realising along with ‘Big Sam’ that it’s best to leave the tache in the past. However what can definitely be said is that Souness has never been as menacing without it.

Tache rating: 10/10


Ruud Gullit – 1987 World player of the year


Dutch legend GullitThe former World Soccer Player of the Year was renowned for his cheesy moustache throughout the 80’s and 90’s, but he decided to get rid of this iconic symbol at the beginning of the new millennium, and returned to the more conventional clean shave look. But last November the tache made a dramatic return much to the delight of us all again in aid of Movember. Gullit rather enjoyed the renaissance explaining at the time “I’m used to seeing myself with a Mo. I had a moustache for some of the most memorable moments of career including the Euro 88 tournament, so it’s been fun growing it back for Movember.

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